Days of my Youth | Review


Days of My Youth is this season’s Matchstick Productions’ flick. It features the talents of: Richard PerminMichelle ParkerBobby BrownMarkus Eder, Cody Townsend, Mark Abma, Banks Gilberti, Sam Anthamatten, James Heim, and Sander Hadley.

The whole movie has a loose storyline following an old man, played by the “father of freesking,” Bobbie Burns, as he reminisces about the *cough* days of his youth. Bobbie is ‘remember’ his youth as he moved about his mountainous cabin. To be honest, it is kind of sad. It definitely made me think about the future, when my knees are too creaky to ski.

I will say, I think most of the film felt a bit flat, but oddly enough, I think there were a lot of moments that had great moments of pause. As I watched the movie, I wrote a few quotes down:

“not gonna find out till you get up there”

“I think it’s when you’re not afraid anymore, thats a mistake”

“you don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing…”

The last is my favorite.

That came from Mike “Rad Dad” Legay. Literally, a 50+ year old man who is doing blindside switch ups on rails and switch backflips on jumps. Impressive and inspirational.


  • Bobby Brown WRECKING Brek.
  • The round table discussions about fear
  • Impressive POV line
  • The Rock Shooter
  • Mini Park
  • The entire last segment.
  • Bombing down the resort – semgent

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Marc is the founder of The Crux Collective. In addition to playing in the mountains, he loves media creation. His vision for Crux Collective is to bring a fresh, modern approach to our outdoor world. Marc is based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Twitter: @brewingdigital

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