LESS | Review


Berman loves two things:

  1. Canadians
  2. Urban skiing

Less has both of these.

Keeping with the Level1 brand – and to satisfy the die hards - this film has it’s fair share of gangster jamz, quirky music, shenanigans, and urban skiing. I will say though, there is a lack of raw park skiing. Additionally, there are only a handful of doubles and POV shots, but this, I think people are probably grateful for.

The theme of the film being ‘less,’ so to start the film off, there is no intro. Cut to the chase. I like it. In a lot of ways, Less reminds me of the classic stylings of a skate movie. From the makeshift jibs to the low wide angle shots to Khai’s first jib line. I’ve always found Level1′s films to have these things, but when Banks Gilberti’s part came on, it was sold. The punk-rock-y music and the biker gang look, a la Anthony Boronowski.

Level1 consistently delivers a rock solid movie. Typically more geared for those park rats and youngin’s shredding park. However, every year I challenge Burman to deliver a bit more (uhhemmm…. TWO SEGMENTS) of well rounded back country skiing.

Some notables:

  • LJ’s segment. Full of great skiing and a great showcase of Little John’s personality.
  • Segment transitions. This is a minor thing, but it really helped the flow of the film.
  • Tanner Rainville’s last drop
  • Khai’s first line
  • Wiley Miller. This is my favorite part of the movie.
  • Riksgransen’s GIMUNGUS switch 1

Featuring the skiing likes of:

Magnus Granér, LSM, Will Berman, Duncan Adams, Sig Tveit, Adam Delorme, Tim McChesney, Wiley Miller, Khai Krepela, Will Wesson, Sandy Boville, Shay Lee, Tanner Rainville, LJ Strenio, Banks Gilberti, Logan Imlach, Tatum Monod, Superunknown XI, and Friends.

Shot on location at:

Schweitzer, Idaho. Summit at Snoqualmie, Washington. Riksgränsen. Colorado. Wyoming. Whistler, British Columbia. Aspen, Colorado. Ontario. Poland. Switzerland. Sweden. France. Japan. New York. Minnesota. Montana. Massachusetts. Wisconsin. Michigan. Illinois. Vermont.

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