Mountain Biker attacked by a pack of Labradoodles


When Marco Liubenov set out for his mountain bike ride this week, he wasn’t expecting it to end with a $500 dollar rabies vaccination.

Marco was cruising the trails off Dillingham Road, Barnardsville, North Carolina, when a pack of 8 to 10 Labradoodles attacked him on his bicycle. He saw their owners ‘walking’ the dogs in her burgundy Chevy Express Creeper Van. Naturally, Marco tried to approach the woman, but she fled. This left him no choice but to head straight to the hospital for a rabies vaccination.

I put more faith in people than they are going to be a little bit more responsible than that… And that they are going to be able to control their dogs.

If you’re a dog owner, as I am, these stories make you shake your head. Remember, just because you see a trail dog doesn’t mean it’s well trained.

Reddit user /u/bobsante offered his solution:

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.24.02 AM


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