Tragedy in Yosemite – Dean Potter’s body recovered


On Sunday morning, search and rescue helicopters recovered the body of extreme sports icon Dean Potter. He was 43.

Potter and his BASE jumping parter, Graham Hunt, were attempting to wingsuit fly from Taft Point in Yosemite. The Taft Point overlook is 7,500 ft high, leaving a near 3,500 foot descent to the valley floor.

Outside is reporting that the pair made the jump late Saturday. Their spotter heard two sounds that she hoped were their parachutes deploying. When Potter and Hunt never showed up at the planned meeting spot, their spotter was hopeful that the two men had been arrested since BASE jumping is illegal in Yosemite National Park.

After an evening search by Yosemite Search and Rescue turned up empty, a police helicopter spotted the bodies of the two Sunday morning. Their parachutes had not been deployed.

Potter has been a fixture of Yosemite since the 90s. He made his mark by setting soloing records, and doing highline tight rope walking. To add to his bag of tricks, Potter also took up BASE jumping.

More recently, Potter made news for setting a running record of the Half Dome loop.

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