Dirt Magazine to discontinue printed magazine


In the era of everything-digital, Dirt Magazine has announced their decision to cease it’s print publication after 159 releases spanning nearly 20 years.

It is a fact that people don’t buy magazines like they used to, and that advertisers are looking to invest their money in different places and in different ways now. -Dirt Magazine Editor, Mike Rose

A magazine that started as ‘a dream’ quickly came to be one (if not, the) best magazine for mountain bike enthusiasts. Commentors were quick to share air their grievances below Dirt Magazine’s post. This shows the dedication and appreciation Dirt’s subscribers have towards the publication.

Mike you and the guys have done a brilliant job over the years. I’ve always appreciated how you were never afraid to call out crap products, and how everything seemed to be about the ride rather than pushing the latest wundercrap on your audience. -Jeff Monk (via Facebook)

Luckily, the UK based magazine will not be closing it’s doors completely. As these things go, their online presence will remain, if not grow. Hopefully, the integrity and no-BS reporting style of Dirt will shine through in their online version of the magazine. In the post, Mike Rose stated: “All our time, effort and money will be invested into making Dirt online the best possible offering.”

…it had to happen one day I guess.

Good luck, Dirt. I don’t think your readers are going anywhere. To read Mike’s farewell letter, check out Dirt Magazine’s post.

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