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I admit it, I had never seen an all girls ski movie.

I know there have been a few released in the past, but they slipped by me.

I will tell you now, this movie is worth watching. Every time I watch a ski movie with my girlfriend and there is an AWESOME girl segment I can’t help but let out some joy. She is always a bit disappointed in me because for some reason, she think I’m implying it’s because girls aren’t as good at skiing. But It’s not that I think the girls’ skiing is poor, I just think often, the gilrs don’t get enough light in the camera. In this case, they had no choice.

I will say, the first segment was a bit lacking, but it was really just a stage-setter. Though, from an unassuming first segment really left one direction to go – up. Girls are tough.

After the first scene was the women destroying the jump at Keystone? It proved what I knew about women’s freeskiing in recent years – they have caught up to the men. If you weren’t a believer before, you will be now.

The film is riddled with great jams. As a matter of fact, all songs but one have ONLY women vocalists.

CLearly sponsored by Garmin, I was actually very impressed with the footage. I hadn’t seen any footage from the Virb, but with the help of a good Colorist, it seems to nearly stnad up to GoPros.

Some other highlights:

  • backflips in japan
  • rocket airs
  • double backflip fail
  • SENDING the snow mobile off the cliff
  • Ridge avalanches in alaska

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