Bode May Have Just Skied His Last Run [VIDEO]


After a nasty crash in the Men’s Super G event at Beaver Creek, Colorado, Bode Miller opts for surgery to repair hamstring tendon.

The crash occurred after Miller came too tight into a turn and hooked a gate. What followed was one ski popping off, a spin, a tumble, and a second ski ejection (see video above). During the chaos, One of Miller’s ski was the culprit to his severed tendon.

“Bode was skiing outstanding,” U.S. men’s coach Sasha Rearick said. “He was going for it, absolutely sending it from top to bottom. He took risks and was putting down a run that inspired America, inspires the world.”

For the 37 year old ski racer, that may have been his last. There has been speculation that the champion is ready to throw in the towel, and after just recovering from a back injury, this surgery may be the last straw. Miller was quoted saying: “If my body feels good, maybe I keep skiing?” … “I’ve had a remarkable run and put my body through so much.” … And his, now, pissed-off body is about to get a dose of more rehab.

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