Avalanche Canada launches new Mountain Information Network and app


In a season full of loss, Avalanche Canada (AC)  is stepping up to the plate to bring snow conditions to your mobile device.

In addition to Avalanche Canada’s reports, they  have enabled the ability for users to submit ‘observations’ to sit alongside their official reports. These ‘observations’ are part of what Avalanche Canada is calling their “Mountain Information Network” (MIN). The idea behind MIN is to fill in the gaps of AC’s broader, more regional, reports. MIN will give you more localized data, and allow you to view specific geo-tagged places. If you’re in the backcountry (with reception) it could help validate what you are seeing, or if you haven’t left your home yet, you will know to avoid avalanche prone regions altogether. However, with ever changing conditions and subjective opinions – user discretion is always advised.

“I would caution people not to rely on any single piece of information to make a decision about whether to ski or ride on a slope or not,”  said Karl Klassen, manager of Avalanche Canada’s public avalanche warning service, to Pique.

Blue drops indicate a user report

Blue drops indicate a user report

In addition to MIN, Avalanche Canada also launched an app for Android and iOS.

AC App

AC App

Below, are AC’s videos on snow condition submission:

How to Submit a Mountain Information Network Observation from your Computer

Using the Mountain Information Network on Your Smartphone

This is one of many ways that social media and usergenerated reports are giving people near real time information. Avatech is another example of a company leveraging social interaction to report and receive snow conditions.

Avalanche Canada’s newest features follow Black Diamond’s announcement earlier this week about a similar app in the US. Black Diamond’s partnership with avalanche centers in the western US will bringing the most accurate snow information to your mobile device.

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