Weekend Warrior 001


Weekend Warrior

Welcome to the Weekend Warrior, no. 001.

Think of the Weekend Warrior as our recommendations for your reading, and watching, time this weekend. These are our best and worst. Things you may have missed or ignored, and what you should do this weekend.


The Gothamist makes some good (er… poor?) reasons why, even in NYC, you should (er… shouldn’t?) bike in the snow… Or at least how to go about it, if indeed you do. A few great images as well.
Can You Bike In The Snow?

The Huffington Post‘s second part of ‘Climbing the 8th Highest Mountain in the World’ has been released. If you missed part one, here it is.
Climbing the 8th Highest Mountain in the World: Part II

The Panama City Herald did a report on Ken, who is taking the grassroots approach in promoting the legalization of Marijuana. Biking and smoking pot.
Cycling for a cause: Pot smoker on road to promote medical marijuana

The Telegraph published one cranky man’s crappy attitude about skiing and the Eiffel Tower.
Why I hate skiing – and the Eiffel Tower


What’s all this noise about the rock climbing duo in Yosemite?
Yosemite’s Dawn Wall Ascent – Everything you need to know

Two US Ski Team prospects, Ronnie Berlack, 20, and Bryce Astle, 19, we caught in a slide on Monday.
Two US skiers die in Avalanche 

A trail spanning from the heart of Appalachia, to the atlantic.
The Mountains-to-Sea trail

Check out these siblings tear up the park.
Little Rippers: Watch these siblings KILL IT in the park


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