Variable Priced Lift Tickets


Bloomberg Busienss is reporting that consumers may see a change in the way their lift tickets are priced.

With dwindling snow and precipitation levels, many are reluctant to pay the high price of a ticket for lack luster skiing. This has prompted many resorts to supplement their current pricing with a dynamic pricing model similar to the way airlines price their seats. Something straight from a a business text book, this could be a great way to piss off weekend warriors and those looking to chase the snow.

The company leading the charge in variable pricing is a San Francisco based company called Liftopia. The of ski resorts, Liftopia is taking a modern approach of packaging the best deal for your ski adventure. Liftopia, which started selling tickets to 7 resorts in 2005, now sells tickets for more than 250 resorts in the U.S. and Canada. Bloomberg says that Liftopia has raised $7.4 million and is planning to be profitable in 2 years.

Though Liftopia is the centralized hub of  variable priced ticket sales, some resorts are circumventing the middle man and implementing variable pricing in their own. Alta, Intrawest’s 6 resorts, and Wachusett Mountain Ski Area all have variable priced tickets.

Liftopia is using the ‘plan ahead and save’ angle – perfect for planned trips and locked in dates. But those looking to chase the forecast, you will most likely have to pay full price.

Don’t like it? Bring it up with the kind folks at Liftopia.

VIA Bloomberg Business

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