Proposed Rail connecting SLC and Moab


In the future, the migration to Moab may be even easier.

Utah Department of Transportation Commission chairman Jeff Holt has proposed a rail linking Salt Lake City and Moab, Utah. Holt envisions the rail system could have positive economic benefits for the seasonal town. Though he is selling the rail as a ‘scenic ride’ (aka a tourist attraction), he stated the rail would also be good for “kids, bikes and backpacks.”

There are existing rail lines being used for a uranium tailings cleanup project at the former Atlas Uranium Corperation site, once these rails were clear, they would lay the groundwork for the proposed connecting train. Cleanup could conclude as early as 2025.

Holt has approached the Moab community and says, ultimately, it’s their decision.

“It’s going to have to be a ground-level, grassroots kind of thing,” he told the chamber audience. “If the community wants it to happen, it can.”
- UDOT Commission chairman Jeff Holt

By car, the trip from Salt Lake City is ~235 miles, and takes a little under 4 hours. If an 80mph rail could cut the trip down to 3 hours, it would be an attractive solution for weekend warriors. Currently, there is no word on the speed or pricing of the proposed rail.

Though Moab is a small town, it still takes a car to get to it’s multitude of national parks, trails, climbing, and river locations. But for those looking to forgo the convenience of a car, thumbing your way around is a viable option.

VIA Moab Sun News

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