Ortovox recalls their S1+ avalanche transceiver


The Longmont, Coloardo company Otovox has issued a precautionary recall of it’s S1+ avalanche transceiver. Outside Online is reporting that between 3,500 and 3,600 S1+ beacons have been sold in North America since it’s launch in 2011.

Our examinations have shown that in rare cases, a component can fail after an indeterminate period of use. Until now this error could not be detected when installing components, despite 100% comprehensive quality control.

The flawed part was discovered by Ortovox when an individual sent his S1+ in for servicing. It was reported that the unit was not working properly during a training exercise, which led to the servicing return. Though this model of beacon has bene out in the wild since 2011, Ortovox is considering this a precautionary recall. In Ortovox’s statement, they have declared that the defective component “could not have been identified during production.”

S1+1The flawed component is in all S1+ models distributed within the US since July 2011. Even if your S1+ seems to be functioning properly, it could fail after an indeterminate amount of time. The recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. If you have another Ortovox model of beacon, it is not effected in the recall.

To begin the recall process for S1+ owners, begin by following the instructions at the bottom of their recall notice page. You also may apply for a temporary rental device, but there is little guarantee of being granted one.

To find the serial number of your beacon, follow the instructions listed on this page. They are as follows:

  • Switch your S1 to transmit mode
  • After the selftest press the menu button for 3 seconds
  • Select the symbol “settings”
  • Switch to the symbol “information”
  • Your S1 serial number is in the first line (8-characters)

Ortovox is encouraging owners to send their beacon in for servicing immediately. The improved replacement component has been ordered from a new distributor, and S1+ servicing will begin in July. The sooner you can send in your beacon, the better chance you will have it back by the next winter season.

For more information from Ortovox, visit their recall website: WWW.ORTOVOX.COM/RECALL-S1PLUS. You may also contact them at [email protected] or by phone +49-89-66674-215.

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