Avatech introduces: SP1


lavin_600Avatech has announced, maybe, the biggest breakthrough in consumer snow reporting hardware.
It’s flagship SP1 probe give it’s user the ability to test snow conditions at a glance of an LCD screen.

The SP1 has been 2 years in development, and finally, it is ready to hit the mass market in December.

One of the SP1′s defining features is it’s ability to track and share your findings – making it the perfect snow gadget for the 21st century. Though, I still have plenty of questions… Can a user sign up for their map based web service without using the device in that area? It seems as though it could open up the gates to people looking to rely on already posted information.


With great power comes great responsibility. Please folks, do remember, tools like this NEVER take the place of traditional snow testing methods, classes, and experience. Test snow often and test snow well.

Coming in at 2,300 dollars, it seems to be an invaluable resource for those exploring the backcountry.


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