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Andy Schleck’s retirement announcement came as a shock to many. In an interview earlier this year, Schleck slyly noted: “I am super motivated for my next job. But don’t ask me what it is, I can’t reveal it yet.”

29 year old Andy Schleck, the 2010 Tour De France winner, has how announced what he will do with his retirement. Open a ‘concept store’ bike shop.

In addition to a retail space, the shop will also include a coffee bar and a Schleck commemorative museum. This unique shop will place it’s emphasis on customer service. Schleck, who was been open about missing the sport, wants to open a cycling school in conjunction with the shop. The ribbon is set to be cut in 2016 in Itzig, Luxemburg.

“The store will not only be a lobby with bikes that will be on display,” Schleck told “We want to give great importance to the service. I want to transfer to the customer service my skills and my athletic experience.”

Just last year, Schleck announced his retirement after 9 years in the professional circuit. In the wake of a nasty crash in London which left him bruised and battered, Schleck’s doctors informed him that he would need a new knee by the time he was 35.

“It all scared me. That’s what I said in my press conference to announce the end of my career.” Andy told Le Quotidien.

Schleck is known to be a hell of a nice guy which is rare in professional sports. Hopefully his new retirement plan will allow him to continue to be a role model to younger generations of racers.

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